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The following is a partial list of Tom Blake’s occupations, books, articles, aquatic accomplishments and surf, safety and rescue inventions.

1926: Builds first hollow board.

1926: The first person to surf Malibu Point.

1928: Wins first Pacific Coast surf riding Championship.

1930: Builds first waterproof camera housing used in surf photography.

1930: Sets world records, 100 dash and half-mile open. Honolulu.

1931: Invents the sailboard.

1932: The first production hallow boards are offered for sale. By the Thomas Rogers Company.

1932: Invents the collapsible paddleboard.

1935: Places first fin on a surfboard.

1935: Blake’s Hawaiian Surfboard, the first full-length book on surfing, is published.

1940: L.A. Ladder Company starts production of the Blake hollow board.

1946: Catalina Equipment Company starts building the Blake board.

1961: Hawaiian Surfriders, Blakes third book, is published.

1969-71: A Guinness Book of World Records entry for the longest surfboard ride on an ocean wave – 4,500’ (1936)